Application Form

Application procedures

1.    Please read the guildlines of the Jinmotang Chinese Calligraphy Research Scholarship Programme before application. All applicants are welcome to apply for the Programme.

2.    Application form and materials should be submitted. Please click " Application form " to download the document at the top of this page.

3.    Applicants should provide a personal resume of his academic background and research proposal. Reference letters would be welcomed to provided.

4.    Both Hard copies and PDF file of complete dissertation and application form should be submitted and sent to the address below:

Room 3004, 30/F., Global Gateway Tower
63 Wing Hong Street, Cheung Sha Wan
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Attn: Ms. Doris Hung
Tel: (852) 2742 7080

4.    Confirmation e-mail will be sent to acknowledge the receipt of the application. Any additional documents would be informed to provide by email if needed.

Guildlines of Application 

1.    Jinmotang Calligraphy Research Foundation, founded by the collectors, Mr. and Mrs Lin, aims to provide a sponsorship programmne for the young scholar(under 50), which is open for application from the beginning of October to the end of November. 

2.    Sponsorship Programme is open for international fellows. The final work of the dissertation should be completed in Chinese language.

3.    The research topic should cover: Styles and Skills, regional styles, Social history, field studies of classical calligraphy pieces, etc. Chronological Biography, catalogue of the artist's lifelong artworks are also accepted. Aesthetic studies and other comtemporary calligraphy research are not acceptable for application.

4.    Applicants should provide the complete dissertation(first draft), or a dissertation of the whole research completed at least 70% is a must. Research proposal is not acceptable.

5.    Examination and assessment will be conducted by the academic committee at the beginning of next year.

6.    Interviews would be arranged if needed.

7.    Sponsorship include publishing, images and other expenses in the early stage of the research. Applicants are required to mention in the application form for reference.

8.    The Foundation do not suggest the sponsored research to apply our funding in principle. However, there are exceptions only if the difficulties in financial terms have been indicated in the application.  

9.    Result will be announced on the website and comfirmation email will be sent to the awardees. Enquiries about the progress of the application and granting or refusing an award will not be entertained in any circumstances.

10.    Awardees should agree to publish within two years from the date of the result announced; Should the publisher and authour fail to publish the dissertation before the expiration of said period, its failure to do so shall be deemed to terminate the sponsorship. It is suggested that the awardees could contact the publisher directly, or the Foundation could provide them with assistance. Publication should mention the words like "the research is funded by Hong Kong Jinmotang Calligraphy Research Foundation" and agreed in the publishing contract. Copy of the contract should be provided before disbursement.

11.    Jinmotang Calligraphy Research Foundation reserves the right to make the final descision in the event of any dispute. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.