Jinmotang to lend 5 artworks to Shanghai Long Museum

Jinmotang to lend 5 artworks to Shanghai Long Museum

Times of Prosperity—the Imperial Art of High Qing opening on 18th August 2015 in Shanghai Long Museum West Bund exhibits the splendid collection of all kinds of historical imperial antiques of Qing dynasty for the first time. Jinmotang Calligraphy Research Foundation is to lend 5 exquisite artworks to support the exhibition.

According to Long Museum report, the museum had invited the most influential collectors to lend their artworks. More than 260 pieces from ten categories including paintings, calligraphy, rare books, silk tapestry, porcelain, jade, lacquer, glass, enamel and red sandalwood furniture will be presented at this time. The museum attempts to recreate the big picture of that golden age, to explore the spirit of 130 years of prosperity, and to interpret the philosophy and art concepts behind it. 2 imperial paintings and 3 Jade seals of Qianlong from the Foundation are also presented--

1. Wang Hui, The Kangxi Emperor's Southern Inspection Tour, scroll 6
2. Zhang Weipang, Chen Xian, Dai Hong, Qunxian Xianshou Album
3. Qianlong White Jade Seal
4. Qianlong Shoushan Jade Seal
5. Qianlong Green Jade Seal

Mr. Lin, the director of the foundation, was also invited to make a speech in the symposium on  20 August 2015. The topic ,namely Qianlong's Collection and Private Collection, is to share and discuss the Imperial collection and private collection in Chinese history.