About The Foundation


          Jinmotang Calligraphy Research Foundation was established in Hong Kong in 2013 by Mr. and Mrs. Lin who are determined to promote and support the research on the history of Chinese traditonal  calligraphy and other related topics.

        Given that modern technology has been applied in our daily life, the way we work is transforming. Using keyboard for data entry has become an essential part. As a result, writing Chinese can only survive and serve as a tradition, art and even culture which definitely needs our protection and preservation. Under the promotion by the calligraphy associations all over the country, there is never a shortage of calligraphy lovers in China. They are eager to copy the past masters and retrace the tradition. However, they largely ignored that predilection for literature and poetry had been readily espoused by the past masters and literati. Therefore, the lack of scholarly devotion hardly leads them to be a real master. We perceive that this has put lots of calligraphers in an embarrassing situation.

        Contrary to those lovers' passion to become an artist, the importance of the studies of the history of Chinese calligraphy has been ignored and undervalued.

        Having been collecting and preserving the precious Chinese traditional calligraphy artworks, Mr. and Mrs. Lin recognise the profound value of the scholarly devotion to Chinese art history. They sincerely hope to encourage and nuture more young scholars as well as contribute towards academic activities pertaining to Chinese calligraphy.

        The Foundation, therefore, sincerely invite those leading and renowned professors and scholars to join our consultant group in order to help support the fellowship programme (The list below is arranged in no particular order):

        Fu Shen, Bai Qian Shen, Fan Jin Zhong, Cheng Pei Kai, Zhang Zhi Ning(Joseph), Fang Guang Chang, Mok Kar-Leung, Xue Long Chun and Ding Xiao Ming.